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Business Ethics Kfc - 3137 Words

CONTENT PAGE 1.0 Introduction 2 2.0 Ethical Dilemmas 2.1 Unhealthy Oil 2.2Employees Issues 2.3 Suppliers Issues 2 2 3-4 4 3.0 Ethical Theory 5-7 4.0 The Organization’s Ethical Best Practices and Values 7-9 5.0 Recommendation 9 Conclusion 10 References 11 1.0 Introduction All of companies should be use the ethical decision to development their business on the right way because it’s a behavior of company showing to the publics and also responsible to social or public. The decision of company might be influence the company and public if they are taking the unethical idea to run for business. Therefore, the decision makers have to consider the benefits of company and to avoid the bad influence for public before make any decision. Kentucky†¦show more content†¦The chicken is full of chemical because an injection the chemical to fatten the chicken at the short period. Therefore, the company can using the chicken on the business operation and sells it to consumers; its unethical action of KFC did because it will effect the healthy of consumer. In addition, People for Ethical Treatment of Animal accused KFC because they found the ill treatment of birds in KFC’s poultry farms. ( Beside that, the way of KFC suppliers treat the chicken in the farm is quite cruelty in USA. The suppliers inject the chemical or drug through the mouth of chicken to growing faster in the short period. After that, they will cut off the mouth of chicken even its baby chicken and will cut the wings and legs so that even cannot walk. The most cruelty is the worker catching chicken like throwing rubbish into rubbish bin and send to the slaughterhouse. At the slaughterhouse, all of chicken on the floor but the workers are kick and step it like a football or hang up it. The process of slaughter is dropped the chicken into the tanks of scalding hot water when they are till conscious after that send to branch and fried it. This cruelty slaughter not only occurred in the USA also occurred at Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Canada and so on. They way of KFC suppliers treat the chicken is unethical and illegal; the consumers might antiShow MoreRelatedBusiness Ethics of Kfc6869 Words   |   28 PagesBUSINESS ETHICS 2011 Report Sunderland Business School Undergraduate Programs Name: Lanny Chew Jun Kheong Identification Number: 880328-52-5707 Student ID: 109129662/1 Tel. Number: 016-8515159 E-mail: Study Centre: SEGi College Sarawak Module: Business Ethics Code: UGB210 Module Tutor: Ms. Adeline Academic Year: 2011 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report was produced as an audit report providing a ‘snapshot’ of KFC’s business ethics. First, the author started with the ethical dilemmaRead MoreBribery and Corruption1492 Words   |  6 Pagesexistence of bribery and unethical behavior is rampant in the world market and may not change overnight. The question of bribery has been distilled in business literature as a question of ethics. In this situation at the airport with the customs officer, it is important to distinguish between business ethics and personal ethics. In a business ethics situation, the Foreign Corruption Practices Act would prohibit offering any bribe to the custom office – for example to free a shipment of goods thatRead MoreEthical Issues Of Marketing Field Of Australia1450 Words   |  6 PagesEthical Issues in Marketing Field of Australia Introduction: Ethics is the principle of differentiating between right and wrong. In business and marketing process, a number of ethical issues are involved that may have a positive or negative impact on the company. The term Ethical marketing is not only a marketing strategy but also a philosophy. It encourages a company representative to be honest, fair, and responsible in all advertising. It also includes communication skill, leadership skill, teamworkRead MoreEssay about Definition of Sustainability and a Good Structure of It3277 Words   |  14 Pagesindefinitely support human security, well-being and health.† ( McMichael et al., 2003). â€Å"I define sustainability as the possibility that all forms of life will flourish forever.† (Ehrenfeld, 2005). The noticeable fact here is the economic aspect like business, which is ignored in these definitions. In recent times sustainability is considered as holistic approach where environment, social and economic factors are given high priority. This is the reason why many MNC’s (Multi National Company’s) and TNC’sRead MoreBusiness Ethics and Rules Essay1231 Words   |  5 Pagesfoundation for a business. â€Å"Business ethics is the study of what constitutes right and wrong (or good and bad) human conduct in a business context.† (p25) From the lecture, we know that ethics matters because â€Å"how organizations behave have important implications for how they fulfill their social and economic roles† and â€Å"their success as well as the success of their employees, customers, etc.† Thus, running a business ethically is good for business. Applying Solomon’s three C’s of business ethics and the eightRead MoreInitial Response Debate On Globalization948 Words   |  4 Pagesinevitable? Globalization became fact of life and inevitable, we all heard the world became a small village or the globe is shrinking. Even the most conservative countries such as Saudi Arabia or China you can see signs of globalization such as Macdonald or KFC or Four Seasons In Syria; not only that, but Chinese, Indian and Thai food became very popular out west to the point where you will find plenty of fast food such as EDO, Thai express or Mandarin Restaurant chain. Countries can no longer live in silos;Read MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Being An Ethical Business1578 Words   |  7 Pages Ethical issues Ethics are moral guidelines which govern good behaviour, so behaving ethically is doing what is morally right. If you’re an ethical business then you would have a slight edge over your competitors, who aren’t ethical. As trust between the customers and the shop develop and they remain loyal to the business even during difficult period. This establishes a new kind of customers even if they aren’t a lot of them, customers who could always continue buying from Mc Donald as they learnRead MoreThe Relationship Between Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility2613 Words   |  11 Pagesyears, the concept of ethics and social responsibility are essential in the business world as society is increasingly paying attention on the social responsibility of the companies and the ethics of their managers. According to Post et al (1996), ethics refers to standards of behaviour and moral judgement differentiating right from wrong. In addition, Bartol et al (2003) defined manage rial ethics as â€Å"standards of conduct and moral judgement managers’ use conducting their business†. The objective ofRead MoreEthics : An Ethically Transformed Organizations3398 Words   |  14 PagesEthics has been around for a long time. Merriam-Webster defines ethics as rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad. It is an area of study that deals with ideas about what is good and bad behavior. Ethics has much to do with feelings and beliefs. If you feel deep down in your heart that something is not right, then it you should not do it. The Bible says, â€Å"So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin† (James 4:17 English Standard Version)Read MoreEssay about Corporate Ethics Program3992 Words   |  16 Pagescontinued to grow. Consumers increasingly look to support and buy from companies that make ethical decisions. The government has also created new legislation that requires a certain level of ethics and creates encouragement for companies to go as far as to create ethics programs. The idea of â€Å"business ethics† is not new, but there is more pressure now than ever before on companies to prove they are making an honest effort to be ethical. This additional pressure on companies can be largely attributed

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Internet for Business Purpose - 1864 Words

Introduction Internet is a technology that provides global network and has become an unavoidable concept in the last few years. This technology which started as a basic tool within military, government university operations has exploded into a world class communication medium and has become the backbone for organisations. Businesses are exploiting this technology on a large scale and implementing it widely in all their functional processes (Aguiar Oliveira, nd). In this report we touch base on the aspects of gaining competitive advantage, limitation and management issues relating to the technology of internet. The information has been gathered through search on various websites and AUT library database and all citations have been†¦show more content†¦Build up an Effective Website The website must be designed and built to work for the organisation’s strategy. Basically there are two essentials of an effective website, attractiveness and meeting the needs of visitors. Technologies that an organisation could choose to â€Å"enable the Web to deliver rich information† (Oz, 2006) are HTTP, HTML and XML, FTP, RSS, Blogs, podcasting, Instant Messaging, Cookies and proprietary technologies. The organisation can choose to own and maintain a server to build the website with its own IT staff or outsource the service from website hosting service or storefront broker. The organization should register a domain name related to its business, and include a Meta tag to make the website search engine friendly so that people can easily find the website when not knowing the address. If the website serves the organization for its global strategy, the website should be able to adapt to the local culture and language to the target market. Internet in Supply Chain Internet has helped to speed up the goods and information flow between manufacturers, distributors, retailers and customers. By connecting Supply Chain Management (SCM) Systems to the suppliers and buyers, organisations shall be able to better plan the demand, control inventory and fulfil demands more effectively and efficiently. It helps organisations to reduce the risk of under or over stockingShow MoreRelatedImpact Of Internet On Modern Business1699 Words   |  7 PagesBeruvides IE 4320 4 Dec. 2015 Internet Impacts on Modern Business Introduction Internet is a powerful and an influential tool in today’s world. Nowadays, people can easily access internet from anywhere and anytime. It has an enormous influence for various aspects of life, such as business, education, economy and communication. The business activities and the sharing of information was so much different before internet came and made all those processes easier. Internet connects the people all aroundRead MoreIs Use of the Internet Harmful? Essay1257 Words   |  6 PagesThe internet is more popular today than it was years ago. As technology advances, the use of the internet grows yonder and is an amazing addition in our lives. The internet has been perhaps the most outstanding innovation in the field of communication in the history of humanity. The Internet is a global meeting place where people from all parts of the world can come together. It is a service available on the computer, through which anyone who has access to the Internet can receive. The internetRead MorePros and Cons of the Internet Essay1138 Words   |  5 PagesThe Internet is more popular today than it was years ago. As technology advances, the use of the Internet grows yonder and is an amazing addition in our lives. The Internet has been perhaps the most outstanding innovation in the field of communication in the history of humanity. It is a global meeting place where people from all parts of the world can collaborate. Additionally, it is a service available on the computer, through which anyone who has access to the Internet can receive. The InternetRead MoreCurrent Business Research Project Paper Synopsis776 Words   |  4 PagesCurrent Business Research Project Paper Synopsis Abstract This assignment was designed to address several subjects related to an article of the students choosing. The subjects discussed in this synopsis answer the definition of the business research article reviewed, the articles research purpose, the business problem investigated, data collection methods used in the research, and the researchers conclusions. The article chosen from the University of Phoenix library is entitled, InternationalRead MoreThe Internet Is The Greatest Invention Of The 20th Century977 Words   |  4 PagesThe Internet is the greatest invention of the 20th Century because it changed the course of humanity. It literally has impacted us all in very beneficial ways. The Internet is â€Å"a global communication network that allows almost all computers worldwide to connect and exchange information† ( It connects billions of devices worldwide. Why is the Internet so great? Well, it has for one thing impacted education in an enormous way. Educ ation is now the fundamental skill for life. TheRead MoreCase Study : Acceptable Use Policy1597 Words   |  7 Pagesemployees, partners and XYZ Inc. from illegal or damaging actions by individuals, either knowingly or unknowingly. Internet/Intranet/Extranet related systems, including but not limited to computer equipment, software, operating systems, storage media, network accounts providing electronic mail, WWW browsing, and FTP, are the property of XYZ Inc. These systems are to be used for business purposes in serving the interests of XYZ Inc., and of our clients and customers in the course of normal operations. EffectiveRead MoreVerizon Communications : Effective And Unacceptable1148 Words   |  5 PagesAbstract This policy covers appropriate use of any ePolicies from a Verizon Communications network and applies to all employees, vendors, and agents operating on behalf of Verizon Communications. The purpose of the ePolicies are to ensure the appropriate use of Verizon Communications systems and make users aware of what Verizon Communications considers as acceptable and unacceptable use in regards to its ePolicies. This policy outlines the minimum requirements for Verizon Communications. 1 Read MoreImportance Of E Commerce Infrastructure On Present Era And The Coming Generations1108 Words   |  5 Pagesand selling the products through the networking applications such as Internet. The main purpose of this paper is to study about the importance of E-commerce Infrastructure in present era and the coming generations. Hardware, Software, and Networks are the basic varieties required for E-commerce Infrastructure. The main approach of the study is about the Internet Technology, Internet-Today, and the future of Internet. The Internet Technology refers to network of networks, were IP address is the globalRead MoreThe Relationship Between Taxation And Technological Developments During The Industrial Revolution1501 Words   |  7 Pagesare performed and where value is created†1. The relationship between taxation and technological developments have always been dynamic and complex. The internet represents the greatest technological revolution since the industrial revol ution. Data show that there is approximately $xxx billion trade occurring through e-commerce, with xxx billion internet users and xx billion domain names as of 20142 and this number keeps changing every second. This paper takes a look at the current tax issues relatingRead MoreBusiness Functions Of A Business988 Words   |  4 PagesIdentify the business functions MWS will need in order to operate effectively. MWS needs a variety of business functions in order to operate effectively. Identifying the business functions for any organization serves as a starting point in developing its mission statement. As the business of the company is over the internet, therefore, It needs to determine that how the internet will further the information and efforts for communication of the company and with whom the information will be shared

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Mesopotamian Civilization Mesopotamia The Land Of Rivers

Eric Zhang NE STUD 105A Veldhuis 12/4/14 Mesopotamian Pastimes Mesopotamia—the land of rivers. Encompassed by the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, the Ancient Mesopotamian civilization spanned thousands of years and has a deep and rich history. As a result, the culture is widely considered to be the cradle or birthplace of Western Society. Although most of the perception of their history is derived from famous texts and literary stories, there is also an equally important aspect of life in examining the everyday artifacts that civilization has left behind. We tend to focus on the more ostentatious kingships, mythological creation stories, and the advent of cuneiform, but it is also crucial to realize that there are also many smaller parts of civilization that make up an often overlooked portion of society such as the extracurricular activities of both the lower and ruling class of the Ancient Mesopotamian civilization. Although the sports, games, and music of the people that were living in this period and region were many millenniums ago, th e pastimes gave rise to many of the same activities that we know today, although subtle differences arose as time passed. Sports were already an ingrained part of human culture with the solidification of Mesopotamian culture. With a civilization emphasizing masculine qualities as powerful and intent on pleasing the deities of war, the onset of battle simulations are predictable. Through the multitude of dried clay tablets left behind inShow MoreRelatedThe Rise Of Civilizations On Egypt And Mesopotamia1530 Words   |  7 PagesThe rise of civilizations in Egypt and Mesopotamia occurred around the same time and the environment and natural forces affected the similarities and differences in social, political, and economic stability. There were many similarities and differences between both of these countries as well. In both cases, it was the river valley and geography that affected the agriculture, religious views, and government structures. The Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizatio n developed in the Middle East and wereRead More Mesopotamia Urbanization Essay1389 Words   |  6 PagesIn ancient times, Mesopotamia was known as the â€Å"Land between rivers†. The two main rivers that ran parallel to each other in Mesopotamia were called the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The Tigris River was the more unpredictable river to the East of the Euphrates River and the second largest river in the region. The Euphrates River is the larger of the two rivers and is located to the West of the Tigris river. Both rivers flowed from Eastern Turkey all the way to the Persian Gulf (Tigris-EuphratesRead MoreMesopotamia vs. Indus River Valley Essay707 Words   |  3 PagesMesopotamia vs. Indus River Valley 9/26/12 Ancient Mesopotamia and the Indus River Valley civilization were two incredibly productive and successful empires. While Mesopotamian politics were slightly less focused on religion and more on other aspects, the two societies shared many social characteristics. They both had defined social hierarchies, as well as similar views on gender roles. These traits are helpful in explaining the similarities and differences betweenRead MoreMesopotamia and Egypt Comparative Essay876 Words   |  4 PagesHistory AP-3 21 September 2011 Mesopotamia and Egypt Comparative Essay While both the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations share similar political, social and economic qualities, the details of these broad spectrums branch off in opposite directions. For example, both Mesopotamia and Egypt were ruled by kings, but in Egypt, their kings were called pharaohs and they had significantly more power than the Mesopotamian kings of the city-states. Both civilizations also had social classes in whichRead MoreAncient Civilizations : Compare And Contrasting Ancient Civilizations804 Words   |  4 PagesContrasting Ancient Civilizations Most people believe that all ancient civilizations were the same: they all lived with a steadfast loyalty to their one and only king that ruled all of the lands, civilizations only achievements were monumental buildings, and they vacuously attacked neighboring societies to gain more land for millennia. While some of this knowledge is true to an extent, civilizations accomplished an abundance more than some realize. Some fail to register that early civilizations are uniqueRead MoreAncient Mesopotami Economy And Social Class1725 Words   |  7 PagesBrianna Aronson Adekunle West Civ. HS 101-21 14 November 2014 Ancient Mesopotamia: Economy and Social Class In history, transitions were constantly being made all over the world. From new civilizations being created and discovered, to solving problems about food shortages or economy. Every civilization made transitions each day to advance their society to make living easier for all its people. In these civilizations they each had different economic systems and social classes, which told themRead MoreEssay On Ancient Egypt And Mesopotamia867 Words   |  4 Pages Though most ancient civilizations settled on rivers, each one tended to be different due to the characteristics of their nearby rivers. Two civilizations that differed significantly from one another were the civilizations of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Not only are the rivers of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt seemingly perfect to compare, but the two civilizations also existed around the same time as one another; meaning that the overall impact of their respective rivers on their societies canRead MoreThe Destruction Of Anci ent Mesopotamia1324 Words   |  6 PagesIn analyzing the present, one must evaluate the past. For ancient civilizations the most important part of life was having a food source. For this reason, early human civilizations were usually established on or near a water source. In addition, they faced many problems with native animals and their natural habitats. Because of their lack of knowledge they searched for reasons to explain their hardships. Ancient civilizations physical environments were harsh, but the resources of the environmentRead MoreReasons Why Mesopotamia Should be Considered a Civilization Essay868 Words   |  4 Pages Mesopotamia- the land between the rivers- was a region of land in the Middle East between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that has been dubbed as the â€Å"cradle of civilization.† But why does Mesopotamia get the title of a civilization? From the invention of the wheel to the invention of writing, Mesopotamia is responsible for many fi rsts in human history. As people began to settle down permanently, due to a decrease in the need for farmers, people began to specialize in occupations. The moreRead MoreMesopotamia and Egypt Comparison Essay1190 Words   |  5 Pagesof the earliest civilizations, Mesopotamia and Egypt both share set amounts of similarities along with a share of striking distinctions. Environmentally, these two civilizations were formed in similar surroundings, yet their weather patterns show distinctions. Politically, both governments derived from a monarch, yet their laws and punishments distinguished the two’s court systems. Economically, they both shared prosperous success in similar manners. Socially, although the two lands followed a hierarchy

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Strategic Management of Samsung Electronics

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Management of Samsung Electronics. Answer: Introduction The managing of value chain indicates the procedure of managing the connected group of activities that generates value by producing commodities as well as services. The major purpose of employing value chain management in a trade is to incorporate communication as well as augment cooperation among members of production chain in order to diminish delivery times. Mobile telephony technology has reallocated through current decades from a plethora of nation-based technologies commercialized by perpendicularly incorporated firms to a few worldwide standards sustained by globe-spanning supply chain (Mudambi and Puck 2016). The report provides a brief overview regarding value chain analysis that describes a procedure where a firm distinguishes its primary and support actions that puts value to its completed commodity. Value chain analysis is a procedure with the help of which a firm recognizes its primary activities that in adds value to its final commodities. It also represents the interior activities in which a firm gets engaged while transforming inputs into outputs. It is also regarded as a strategy tool that helps to analyze internal firm activities. It deals with the general information about the characteristics features of the mobile telephony industry as well as about Apple, Samsung and LG. it shows that how a firm competes with the help of differentiation strategy that will help to perform activities as compared to its competitors. If the companies compete with the cost advantage, they will try to perform internal behavior at lower cost as compared to their customers (Soosay, Fearne and Dent 2012). Background company differentiation Mobile telephony indicates the prerequisite of telephone services to phones that may change around liberally rather than stay constant. Mostly terrestrial cellular network of base station are connected with the help of mobile phones. On the other hand, satellite phones connect to orbiting satellites. This industry comprises of new products that are designed and launched in such a way that they are packaged optimally as well as priced gainfully. In this highly expanding industry, there is always a requirement of high technological skills. Mobile telephony had transformed the method in which customers and trades operate in developing markets. As a result, mobile services have become the worldwide providers of communication services. Availability of mobile services also creates several economic advantages to the economy of the country. The supply side of the economy is affected positively by the mobile telephony industry. The positive impacts of basic mobile voice as well as text servic es on development and productivity are accomplished with the help of mobile telephony markets. With the advancement of the mobile telephony industry, there has been increase in 3G penetration (Kirui et al. 2013). Apple Inc. is an international corporation that generates electronics, personal computers as well as computer software and is considered as the digital distributor of media content. The first version of iPhone became obtainable in the year 2007 in few selected countries and markets. On the other hand, in the year 2008, iPhone 3G became obtainable to general individuals. The history of iPhone started with a request from Steve Jobs, the inventor of Apple. He asked the engineers to examine the use of touch screen devices as well as tablet computers (Palan 2016). Samsung is a multinational business company in South Korea that is headquartered in Samsung Town of Seoul. The organization comprises of several subsidiaries as well as united trades, most of which are united under Samsung brand. The history of Samsung mobile phones stretches back to over 10 years. In the year 1993, Samsung developed the lightest mobile phone. Towards the end of 20th century, the organization developed Smartphone that was combined with MP3 players. As a result, Samsung has made stable expansion in the mobile telephony industry (Hsu 2014). The abbreviation of LG brand indicates Lucky Goldstar that is a group of enterprise, which originated from South Korea. In the year 1947, the history of LG commenced when Lucky Chemical Industry that was one of the first Korean chemical company was established. In the year 1958, the company expanded its industry to manufacture home appliances. The company started the manufacture of mobile phones in the year 2000. Initially, the mobile phone company did not receive a good response. However, in the year 2002, LG mobile company proclaimed the debut of the very first WCDMA technology that led to the expansion of the LG mobile phones (Arora, Kalro and Sharma 2015). Key Strategic Differences The major strategic differences that have the impacted the relative success of Apple Inc. is as follows: Rethink the requirement for advertising: In order to increase sales revenue, the company had always made a huge investment on PPC ads with Google or Facebook. There are mostly two diverse strategies, on which Apple completely relies. The first strategy deals with product placement as well as the buzz generated positive reviews in the media (Ward and Peppard 2016). Avoidance of Price wars by highlighting unique value proposition: According to the organization, competing with prices leads to loss in business. Apple mostly focuses on unique value proposition that acts as a beautiful design that works right outside the box with ever-smaller packaging. According to the organization, contending on price leads to a race to the bottom. Keeping marketing and products simple: It is acknowledged by Apple that technology customers often get plagued. As a result, Apple diminishes confusion of the customers by making their web and sales copy simple. In other words, the organization completely avoids jargon or industrial terms. As a result, Apple makes use of simple and direct words and they frequently stress the advantages that customers completely require and will be delighted by (Heracleous 2013). Knowing the Audience and speaking to them in their language: Apple has a very good understanding about their customers. As a result, their customers do not find words that comprise megabytes and gigabytes. They find words that they know as well as understand. There are several key tactical differences that have the impacted the relative success of Samsung. The company revolves and manufactures quickly as they comes out with several devices. The company views the response of the market as well as pushes success and kills failure. Rather than supplying a cheaper iPhone, Samsung differentiates its products with larger screen as well as differentiated characteristics. The company makes use of different chips and displays as compared to Apple. It is more than just a Smartphone maker is as it is considered as a conglomerate. Samsung makes the use of skimming price in order to gain upper hand among its competitors (Hasan 2015). LG makes use of fast innovation strategy as a competitive advantage. LG has the motive to let their customers have a richer, better and easier life. The company made the use of Smart Technology that enables customers to perform things more easily. Most of the individuals expect to have advanced technologies in their LG mobiles. LG also depends on Research and Development capabilities as well as product innovation in order to collaborate with global engineers from IBM (Thompson et al. 2013). Value Chain Analysis Value Chain Analysis of Apple: One of the analytical frameworks that assist in recognizing trade activities generates value as well as competitive advantage to the business. Inbound Logistics: Apple works with hundreds of suppliers all over the world as well as upholds an extremely complicated supply-chain management. Purchase commitments of Apple normally cover its necessities for periods up to 150 days. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, is popular for his strategies of receiving suppliers to contend with each other (Gereffi 2013). Operation: More than 93,000 full-time equivalent workers conduct the operation of Apple along with 4,400 full-time equivalent temporary workers. Apple manufactures most of the products by outsourcing partners that are located mostly in Asia. A small number of outsourcing partners presently performs a noteworthy concentration of this manufacturing. Outbound Logistics: The net sales of Apple with the help of direct and indirect distribution channels accounted for 72 percent of the total sales. Apple endeavors to reduce the volume of its inventory due to consideration of cost (Bergvall-Kreborn and Howcroft 2013). Marketing and Sales: Apple sells most of its mobile phones with the help of four channels of distribution. The advertising budget of Apple is almost USD 1.1 billion that is invested for exploitation of marketing communication mix. This in turn incorporates advertising, events as well as direct selling. The company had also increased its focus on enterprise sales during the last few years. Service: Apple is popular for its outstanding quality of customer service that it provides the individuals. The experience of Apple around the globe makes use of its product to make them more convinced about the quality (Kassoff 2014). Value Proposition: The value proposition of Apple is to avoid unwanted advertisements as well as to brand itself. It has also made its phone more secure and more faster. Supply Chain Analysis: The major aspect of the supply chain analysis of Apple is to make the use of multiple suppliers for the similar component. It also examines the role of boards and directors that plays an imperative role to enhance the supply chain analysis of the Company. Enterprise Value: The valuation metric alternative to reflection of conventional market is termed as enterprise value. Month Enterprise Value of Apple August 2016 535.00B September 2016 620.00B October 2016 625.00B November 2016 621.00B December 2016 615.00B January 2017 654.37B Value Chain Analysis of Samsung: Inbound Logistics: Most of the suppliers of Samsung are based in Asia that is followed by America and Europe. Samsung has a number of logistics firms in order to control inbound logistics aspect of the trade. As a result, Samsung electronics is recognized as an integrated enterprise logistics management agent. Samsung uses logistics in a very exclusive way in order to cover most of the administrative procedures. It is used in a more complicated procedure as compared to a general value chain model (Jung 2014). Operation: The Company is known to maintain global operation hubs that include subsidiaries, research centers as well as design centers. The manufacturing operation of Samsung comprises of general manufacturing such as semiconductors as well as system manufacturing such as application and software. The manufacturing operation of Samsung has been mostly localized to South Korea as well as Seoul. The scheduling and inventory control are ensured with the help of logistics. Due to abroad shipping as well as unpredictable delays, this potentiality becomes less streamlined that can in turn reduce value. A probable solution to this problem would be to reposition the operation of AuthenTec closer to that of the facilities of Samsung. This will in turn lead to considerable labor cost with the movement. Samsung would require to conclude if the reimbursement period for value they put on in their operations counterbalance the costs rapidly enough to be worth making the move (Caplan, Dutta and La wson 2013). Outbound Logistics: Samsung is a concentrated company that handles an extensive range of trade support function as well as logistics. The company had demonstrated to be remarkably rapid in launching its individual commodities to contend with Apple. Effectual outbound logistics system plays an imperative role in the case of Samsung in terms of being able to convey updates. The attainment of AuthenTec will not have an impact on the outbound logistics procedures. Marketing and Sales: It is considered as the major activity that is aimed to channel the attention of the target customer segment. The budget of the company is mostly spent on media advertisement s well as public related programs. Sales promotion has been adapted by Samsung as one of the core elements of its marketing techniques. Each key market of Samsung has a DMC sales as well as marketing subsidiary that works with partner sales organization. Service: The Company endeavors to deliver the customer services of the budget standards. It provides minimal training that is required by the workers as they already have workers since before attainment (Lee, Kim and Park 2015). Value Proposition: The value proposition of Samsung is focus on the brand, whether it is a corporate brand that they supply or it is a product brand. Supply Chain Analysis: With a huge push in the technology to roll out improvements, the Company had increased its sale by involving rush in manufacture as well as innovation. Enterprise Value: The present enterprise value of Samsung is a total of $157,824 Mil. The EV/Revenue ratio of Samsung is 0.91. Value Chain Analysis of LG: Inbound Logistics: A lot of effort has been put by LG in order to increase their efficiency of supply chain management. The activities that come under inbound logistics for LG are warehousing, material building as well as inventory control. LG has made all of its operation technologically enhanced in order to improve its inbound logistics. Operation: The operation under the company mostly includes all the activities that are accountable for converting the inbound raw materials to the finished product. LG has been putting its best effort to increase its operational efficiency in their present production. The key operational benefit is that LG have their own production units. This in turn makes LG different from its competitors (Creveling, Hambleton and McCarthy 2014). Outbound Logistics: The company had established a good dealer network and it also have rationalized its packaging by packing as compact as possible. This in turn creates an appeal for the customers as they find the mobile phones to very effective. Service: There are several exclusive showrooms as well as service centers where LG mobiles are sold. The company had always put emphasis on the satisfaction of the customers. They leads to customer satisfaction with their products by making the use of effective design innovative strategies. The industrial design of LG integrates a balance between creation of concept as well as lifestyle. This is mainly to prominently feature the dreams and desires of the customers and lead to overall value innovation procedure (Lim, Tuli and Grewal 2016). Supply Chain Analysis: LG mostly focus on customer satisfaction to increase its sales. The extremely has close association with its suppliers and it involves the supply technically successful products. Enterprise Value: The enterprise value of Lucky Goldstar is a total of US$143 billion. Value Proposition: The value proposition of LG is to provide a mobile phone that will support both portrait and landscape design as well as diminish cost of energy. Summary Analysis It can be concluded that in order to deliver individual competitive advantage, Apple made the use of vertical integration where it acquired NeXtstep. With the help of this, Apple accomplished multi-tasking operating system. It also made partnership with Intel with the help of which it reaped rewards not just for profits but also to deliver the goods. Intel reduced its transition period as expected that made the products of Apple are delivered before the due date. The company is among the top ten major mobile companies in the world. It is riding on its philosophy that deals with helping individuals as well as connecting thousands of customers the company has globally. On the other hand, Samsung respects the choice of its customers and as a result, they are able to efficiently sustain product lines. Samsung also establishes geographically discrete base of direct dealers as well as indirect channel partners. The company also strives to acknowledge what customers desire ahead of its competitors. The engineers who are associated with the company develop original as well as innovative products that will be able to meet the requirements of the individuals. This in turn leads to competitive advantages. The company also makes investment in research and development so as to meet their commitment related to leading technology consistency. The major root of competitive advantage for LG is technical resources as LG mostly depends on research and development capabilities. It also introduces its product with the help of contemporary communication tools such as radio and internet as well as television. It also keeps hold of its customers by providing them with long-term warranties. Its innovative technologies lead to competitive advantages that create harmony among individuals. References ABC News. (2017).'It's not worth the habit': Tobacco tax increase will cut smoking rates. [online] Available at: [Accessed 9 Jan. 2017]. Arora, S., Kalro, A.D. and Sharma, D., 2015. A comprehensive framework of brand name classification.Journal of Brand Management,22(2), pp.79-116. Bergvall-Kreborn, B. and Howcroft, D., 2013, December. The Apple business model: Crowdsourcing mobile applications. InAccounting Forum(Vol. 37, No. 4, pp. 280-289). Elsevier. Caplan, D., Dutta, S.K. and Lawson, R.A., 2013. Corporate social responsibility initiatives across the value chain.Journal of Corporate Accounting Finance,24(3), pp.15-24. Cheng, M. (2017).Samsung vs. Apple: Who Was No. 1?. [online] WSJ. Available at: [Accessed 10 Jan. 2017]. Creveling, C.M., Hambleton, L. and McCarthy, B., 2014.Six Sigma for Marketing Processes. Prentice Hall. Gereffi, G., 2013. Global Value Chain Perspective on Industrial Policy and Development in Emerging Markets, A.Duke J. Comp. Int'l L.,24, p.433. Hasan, A., 2015. Consumer Brand Preference for Consumer Durable Goods With Reference to Lucknow District.International Journal of Economics Management Sciences,2015. Heracleous, L., 2013. Quantum Strategy at Apple Inc.Organizational Dynamics,42(2), pp.92-99. Hsu, S.Y., 2014. A Case Study of Samsungs Organizational Culture and Performance. Jung, S.C., 2014. The Analysis of Strategic Management of Samsung Electronics Company through the Generic Value Chain Model.International Journal of Software Engineering and Its Applications,8(12), pp.133-142. Kassoff, J.M., Apple Inc., 2014.Push mechanism for quality of service (QoS) support in coherency port. U.S. Patent 8,719,506. Kirui, C., Hong, L., Cheruiyot, W. and Kirui, H., 2013. Predicting customer churn in mobile telephony industry using probabilistic classifiers in data mining.IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues,10(2), pp.1694-0784. Lee, S.J., Kim, J. and Park, B.I., 2015. Culture clashes in cross-border mergers and acquisitions: A case study of Sweden's Volvo and South Korea's Samsung.International Business Review,24(4), pp.580-593. Lim, L.G., Tuli, K.R. and Grewal, R., 2016. Customer Satisfaction and Costs of Selling and Producing. Mudambi, R. and Puck, J., 2016. A Global Value Chain Analysis of the Regional StrategyPerspective.Journal of Management Studies. Palan, R., 2016. 9 Corporate power in a global economy.Susan Strange and the Future of Global Political Economy: Power, Control and Transformation, p.152. Soosay, C., Fearne, A. and Dent, B., 2012. Sustainable value chain analysis-A case study of Oxford Landing from vine to dine.Supply Chain Management: An International Journal,17(1), pp.68-77. Thompson, A., Peteraf, M., Gamble, J., Strickland III, A.J. and Jain, A.K., 2013.Crafting Executing Strategy 19/e: The Quest for Competitive Advantage: Concepts and Cases. McGraw-Hill Education. Ward, J. and Peppard, J., 2016.The Strategic Management of Information Systems: Building a Digital Strategy. John Wiley Sons.

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Divorce Essays (449 words) - Family, Divorce, Family Law, Guilt

Divorce July 9th 1983 the most troubling news I have ever received was given to my sister and my self our parents were getting divorced. March 22nd 2000 trouble strikes my family again with the announcement of my mother and the man I new as father were getting a divorce. As you could of guessed I have had experiences with divorce, and the reason that I have chosen to write about the divorce issue is that with the ever-growing number of divorces in the United States we must look at what it is doing to our children. With our children being our link to the future we must watch over there mental state and from experience I know that a divorce can harmfully affect a childes growth both mentally and physically that is why I believe that we must stick through the hard times in a family relationship and look to divorce as an easy way out. Last year the justice department of the United States announced that the rate of divorce was up 44% from the previous year. Some people use divorce as a way out of their problems and in doing so they affect young America. There are some people who would disagree with my point of view in that divorce is the right way out for people in semi troubled marriages. A study done by the United States justice department also shows that children from broken or divorced homes are more likely to become delinquents. An independent study done by Dr. Susan Gettleman and Dr. Janet Markowitz who family therapists has shown that while the parents of adolescence are involved in divorce their grades in school drop a great deal. We also must concider what I like to call the guilt affect. The guilt affect can be two things actually. The main guilt affect in which we should put the most emphasis on correcting is the guilt children have toward them self when the divorce is happening in their family. The children usually blame their self for the seperation of their parents. ?This can cause for the child to fall into a deep depression and hold in the feelings that they are having about the divorce? says Dr. Warner Troyer. All in all with all of the research that I have done and all of the factual information that I have gotten in the process of writing this paper I hope I have shown you what I believe to be a growing problem in America. Also I believe the only way for me to further emphasis my point would be to keep researching and digging deeper to find more truthful and factual information.. Ethics and Morals

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Free Essays on Charles Darwin and the theory of Evolution

CHARLES DARWIN AND THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION It is commonly thought today that the theory of evolution originated from Darwin in the nineteenth century. However, the idea that species mutate over time has been around for a long time in one form or another. Therefore, by Darwin's time the idea that species change from one type into another was by no means new, but was rejected by most because the proponents of evolution could not come up with a satisfactory mechanism that would explain this change. The most influential evolutionary theories prior to Darwin were those of Lamarck and Geoffroy St. Hilaire, developed between 1794 and 1830. Lamarck suggested that species evolve through the use or disuse of particular organs. In the classic example a giraffe that stretches its neck slightly to reach higher leaves will gain in neck length, and this small gain would be passed on to its offspring. Geoffroy, on the other hand suggested that the change was discontinuous, large in magnitude, and occurred at the production of offspring. However, these theories of evolution were based on a priori explanations that offered no demonstrated mechanism. Darwin's theory of evolution differs in that it is based on three easily verified observations. First, individuals within a species vary from one another in morphology, physiology, and behavior. Second, variation is in some part heritable so that variant forms have offspring that resemble them. Third, different variants leave different number of offspring. Darwin than proceeded to elaborate on the mechanism of evolution by suggesting that in the universal struggle for life, nature selects those individuals who are best suited (fittest) for the struggle, and these individuals in turn reproduce more than those who are less fit, thus changing the composition of the population. In addition to natural selection, Darwin also suggested that species also evolve throug... Free Essays on Charles Darwin and the theory of Evolution Free Essays on Charles Darwin and the theory of Evolution CHARLES DARWIN AND THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION It is commonly thought today that the theory of evolution originated from Darwin in the nineteenth century. However, the idea that species mutate over time has been around for a long time in one form or another. Therefore, by Darwin's time the idea that species change from one type into another was by no means new, but was rejected by most because the proponents of evolution could not come up with a satisfactory mechanism that would explain this change. The most influential evolutionary theories prior to Darwin were those of Lamarck and Geoffroy St. Hilaire, developed between 1794 and 1830. Lamarck suggested that species evolve through the use or disuse of particular organs. In the classic example a giraffe that stretches its neck slightly to reach higher leaves will gain in neck length, and this small gain would be passed on to its offspring. Geoffroy, on the other hand suggested that the change was discontinuous, large in magnitude, and occurred at the production of offspring. However, these theories of evolution were based on a priori explanations that offered no demonstrated mechanism. Darwin's theory of evolution differs in that it is based on three easily verified observations. First, individuals within a species vary from one another in morphology, physiology, and behavior. Second, variation is in some part heritable so that variant forms have offspring that resemble them. Third, different variants leave different number of offspring. Darwin than proceeded to elaborate on the mechanism of evolution by suggesting that in the universal struggle for life, nature selects those individuals who are best suited (fittest) for the struggle, and these individuals in turn reproduce more than those who are less fit, thus changing the composition of the population. In addition to natural selection, Darwin also suggested that species also evolve throug...

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(not deciding) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

(not deciding) - Essay Example These paintings all belong to high Renaissance style because they demonstrate unity in pictorial representation. These paintings represent religious characters and themes in naturalistic landscapes, vibrant colors, strong contour lines, contrapposto posing, realistic figures in stable composition with an implicit triangular format, and combined linear and aerial perspectives, although Madonna and Child with Saints and Angels and Madonna and Child with St. Jerome look flatter due to the use of tempera, Madonna and Child with Saints and Angels is less realistic with the addition of angels and halos, and The Flight into Egypt has a stronger three-dimensional form, with soft, glowing colors and shadows that create chiaroscuro effect. These paintings represent religious characters and themes, although Madonna and Child with Saints and Angels is less realistic with the addition of angels and halos. In Madonna and Child with St. Jerome, the three religious characters are Mary, the child Jesus, and St. Jerome. It appears that St. Jerome has visited the mother and child with some solemn or sad news because of the serious, somewhat sad, mood of the latter. In Madonna and Child with Saints and Angels, the religious characters are more numerous, which include Mary, child Jesus, Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist, Jerome, Francis, and Christopher, and two angels. The scene is naturalistic in how the main front characters are doing realistic actions, although the religious theme is apparent in how they all show adoration to the child Jesus, while Francis is experiencing stigmata at the back. The Flight into Egypt features Mary, Joseph, and the child Jesus. The biblical event is their travel to Egypt. These paintings employ religious characters and themes that were prominent subjects of the painters’ times. Apart from the portrayal of religious characters and themes, these paintings are all set in naturalistic landscapes. None of the